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Why Toe Shoes are the New Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers KSO

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When people think of footwear they don’t usually think of foot shaped shoes.  However, these are the newest and best shoes that you can have.  I myself have been wearing my own toe shoes (which are Vibram five-finger shoes) exclusively for quite a few months.  I really can’t imagine going back to regular shoes at all.  I do own a regular pair, but wear them only when it is absolutely necessary.  The advantages to toe shoes outnumber the advantages of regular shoes a million to one and I don’t think I will ever go back.

Aesthetic Advantages

Not really advantages I suppose, but toe shoes do make a good statement of style and personality.  Everyone I meet comments at least once on my shoes and ends up either wanting some or thinking they are interesting.  I believe that these, if nothing else, are amazing conversation starters.

Health Advantages

Now here are the real reasons why you should buy toe shoes.  Of course, all these benefits can be achieved by going barefoot, but it is much easier to have at least some sort of a sole so that you can still go out on public streets and such without stepping in something you would rather not.

Toe shoes allow your feet to move just like they would when you are barefoot.  This has been proven through many tests to be much better for you than to walk in shoes with thick soles.  The thick sole was developed by shoemakers and cobblers to protect the foot.  Modernly these have been made into support.  Supposedly you need support for your foot for it to work right.  However, it has been proven that more support for the heel actually hurts your ankles and knees.  It has also been linked to osteoarthritis in older adults.  Also, if you are worried about having flat feet then you shouldn’t be worried about going barefoot either.  It has been shown that people who wear regular shoes at least three times a day actually are more likely to have flat feet than people who go barefoot.  People who go barefoot never have flat feet.  Also, when you are wearing toe shoes or going barefoot then your gait changes.  You start walking from toe to heel instead of from heel to toe.  This is a much better gait for you and decreases the stress on the ankle and the heel.  So there you go, using toe shoes is much better for you.

Now what toe shoes should you buy?  I would recommend Vibram Five-Fingers.  These are great shoes which come in a large variety of types and colors.  They even have boots for winter now.  Be careful when buying toe shoes however because sizing is a bit different than for regular shoes. It is best to buy your first pair in a store where you can try them on.

I hope that you have found this article helpful and have been inspired to walk in a healthier way.  Here is a link to another blog with a good article on this topic as well. Also, here is the link to Vibrams site.




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