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Why Toe Shoes are the New Shoes

When people think of footwear they don’t usually think of foot shaped shoes.  However, these are the newest and best shoes that you can have.  I myself have been wearing my own toe shoes (which are Vibram five-finger shoes) exclusively for quite a few months.  I really can’t imagine going back to regular shoes at … Continue reading

How to Wear a Kilt Properly (for the Scottish, Irish, or Great Men among us)

Now I know that the guys who are reading this post will not all want to go out in a kilt.  Many of us guys have been biased by the assumption that all men must wear pants or we are not men.  I do not buy into this notion for the following reasons… Men have … Continue reading

Hello People

I am creating this blog so that I can impart knowledge that I gain to the people who read it.  I want to make a place where people can come to make themselves greater and improve themselves like I strive to do for myself.  I encourage all people to come and learn as we should… as … Continue reading